Our Code of Ethics

Expectations of clients:

COMMITMENT - In order to find the ideal candidate, we need a job brief to work with. We can help you with this by discussing who you're looking for in a face-to-face meeting over coffee (or whatever your beverage of choice!). Once the brief is finalised, we will also establish a timeline for both parties to commit to, detailing when candidates will be presented and when interviews will be carried out. Don't worry - we will work this into your diary so it doesn't clash with your existing engagements, like that team lunch you organised 3 months ago!

COMMUNICATION - We understand that sometimes things crop up and changes need to be made. We're totally ok with this! We just ask that if anything changes with regard to the job brief or the search that you let us know in good time. Likewise we appreciate clear, honest feedback on the work we do for you.

TRANSPARENCY - Transparency is a key value at Ruby Magpie. If you decide to use other recruiters, for example, then it helps to be upfront about this. Working in exclusive relationships allows us to properly shortlist candidates. However if working with a number of recruiters, we would suggest we send candidates as we contact them, so being upfront about who you're working with allows us to adjust our style and manage expectations properly.

Expectations of candidates:

COMMITMENT - We understand that your job search is just one part of your life (even though we've managed to make a career out of it!), but if you agree to times for phone calls or interviews it is important that you commit. Therefore we ask that before you agree to interviews, take the time to research the role and the company, working out if this is a job you want to take. We're happy to talk it over with you and help you decide if this is the right career move for you! If you really do need to rearrange or cancel interviews, we would appreciate as much notice as possible (ideally 24 hours).

Often if you're through to the 2nd interview stage you may be asked to do a task. If this is the case, firstly, congratulations for getting this far! But on a serious note, we ask that you plan your time accordingly and do the appropriate prep for the task. If you really aren't ready, it is better to postpone the interview for a later date at which you are more prepared.

COMMUNICATION - CVs are a vital part of the hiring process, so if you are a serious candidate for a role it is important that you have one! Without a CV we may not be able to put you forward for the role.

TRANSPARENCY - To ensure that you are the best fit for the role, it is important that we have a true understanding of your salary requirements and career aspirations. Recruitment takes up a lot of time for all parties involved, and if a role is going to be a non-starter due to salary parameters, then it's best to be clear about this upfront. Transparency will save all parties from wasting their time, hopefully allowing you to land that dream job much faster!

Expectations of Ruby Magpie:

COMMITMENT - We will work to the agreed timeframe to handpick the very best candidates and when we present them to you we will give an unbiased overview of their strengths and weaknesses, and how we think they will fit into the role. Hopefully, the interview stage will convince you that we were right!

COMMUNICATION - We will get back to candidates with weekly updates on the roles they are interested in. Clients will go quiet, but we promise we won't – we will let you know if you've been rejected, if you've got interviews, or even if there's just no news at the moment. We won't leave you out of the loop!

TRANSPARENCY - We will be candid about the level of interest of each candidate. In some situations the candidates we find aren't actually searching for a new job, in which case we admit we have to do a little bit of persuading! If this is the case, we will let you know so that you can make the decision of whether to see it through. Additionally, if there are challenges in hiring for a role, we will be upfront about it and discuss solutions with the client rather than leaving it to the last minute to tell you.



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