How We Do It

Because we understand your industry in depth, we ask the right questions and use the answers to help us search for and shortlist candidates. Our candidate interview focuses on two key aspects – ‘skills and experience fit’ and ‘team requirement and cultural fit’. Our 360° candidate profile will include strengths and weaknesses – everything we would want to know if we were hiring ourselves.

Our Recruitment Process

Our key values at Ruby Magpie include transparency and honest communication, and for that reason we want to share a step-by-step outline of our recruiting process so that you know exactly what you're letting yourself in for by working with us!

THE BRIEFING: You send us a job brief (or even just a draft!) outlining the role and the perfect candidate. We'll arrange a face-to-face meeting to go into the job brief in a bit more depth – this is where we discuss any challenges and any further questions before approving the final job spec. It's also a chance to get to know each other a little better; no one wants to work with total strangers! We will establish a timeline that works for you. Most searches take approximately 2 weeks. However we understand that some roles require more urgency, and you may even need to see candidates that day. As we are an independent agency, we are flexible and can adapt to your needs.

THE SEARCH: We search our database of industry contacts, taking into consideration skills, past experience and your personal preferences to find the best fit for your role. As well as looking at the skills of candidates, we ensure that they will be a fit on a personal level too. If we don't believe a candidate will fit into the existing team dynamics well, it might be a non-starter. We have a wide range of contacts thanks to our industry experience and for this reason we can ensure we find the people with the most to offer you. If we can't find the perfect candidate in our existing database, we go above and beyond, putting in the extra effort to headhunt the perfect candidates. After going through our database, we reach out to the strongest candidates with details of the role.

THE SHORTLIST: We conduct our own in-depth interviews to make certain that they are the best possible fit in terms of experience, and to gain a sense of who they are so we know if they will fit in with the work environment you offer. We create a shortlist of candidates based very much on the 'quality not quantity' philosophy; we won't send an endless supply of sub-par candidates for you to sit through interviews with, instead we will send a smaller number of genuinely strong candidates, with whom interviews will be a positive and engaging experience as opposed to an end-of-day chore.

THE INTERVIEW: This is our favourite part of the process – you get to meet the people we've been raving about! Often the talent recruitment process comes unstuck here because of the busy diaries of both clients and candidates have, but this is where we step up and take charge. All you have to do is set aside some time to talk to candidates and we'll do the rest. We can even coach you on interviewing techniques if you feel you need it! We often recommend a second interview involving some kind of task so you can see our candidates' skills in action.

THE OFFER: Most of the time, we find the perfect candidate, you make the job offer and they take the job. Mission complete! However, our candidates are in high demand, so counter-offers can sometimes interfere with the process. We've managed this difficult scenario many times and can guide you through it.

Code of Ethics

There are three parties involved in recruitment (us, the client and the candidate), and our job is to do most of the work and make the process as simple as possible! However, this goes more smoothly when all three parties complement each other's work by keeping certain values in mind. With that in mind, we've recently spent time compiling our core values, which are central to the following code of ethics.


Featured Job Vacancy


AdOps Manager (Marketing)

Salary: Circa 45k + 10% bonus + £1,200 in benefits
Location: Hybrid, London and Nottingham
Contract Type: Permanent
Date Posted:  June 2023

Our client is a commerce media agency who use consumer behaviour to influence media planning. They use their rich data sets to create heavy hitting media campaigns. They offer flexible working and are looking for a Yield Manager to join their team! As Yield Manager, you will run a successful yield strategy to maximise digital ad revenue using insight and analysis to support commercial growth.

This role is a hybrid position and will require travel to offices in both London & Nottingham.

Read more …

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Our clients include: